3-way Gear operated Ball Valve

Company Profile

Alloys Industrial Products is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Valves in India. The company was founded in 1965.


The company specializes in 3-way and 4-way, ’L’-port, ’T’-port or ‘X’-port valves with size ranging from 75 mm up to 300 mm.


The company also fabricates Simplex and Duplex Basket Assemblies and Filters elements per customer-specific requirements.


The products manufactured go through a series of tests before they are shipped to our customers and are guaranteed against poor workmanship and manufacturing defects 

The products are manufactured and marketed under the brand name ’a i p’.



Corporate Headquarters: Mumbai (Bombay), India.

Manufacturing Facility: Anand, Gujarat, India.


Duplex Basket Assembly with

3-way Ball Valves.

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